Fernando Quirós released his new song, La fiesta Es Hasta Las 3, on Spotify

Looking for some funky and groovy music??? Here, listen to  La fiesta Es Hasta Las 3, on Spotify and rediscover music. The song is full of positive vibes and will make you smile and shaky.

 La fiesta Es Hasta Las 3 has generated a significant number of views and will go viral soon. So be the first one to recommend it to your friends and be the cool one in the gang. Don’t delay any further, listen to  La fiesta Es Hasta Las 3, on Spotify now!!!

Where to find Fernando Quirós

You can find all the social media accounts and streaming platforms of Fernando’s linked below but we strongly suggest you read along to know more about Fernando Quiros. You can listen to the song and read along.

About  Fernando Quirós

 Fernando Quirós was born in Panama, on Dec 7th, 1972. He is an Industrial Engineer and is the regional manager of a Multinational Company in the Audio Industry,   Central America & Caribbean. 

He is very skilled. He plays basketball, loves to travel and read and has a craving for Latin music ( salsa). 

Started his composition career by “accident” in 2019, with the Xmas hit LA NAVIDAD LLEGÓ, recorded by Giancarlo Anderson and with the collaboration of Moncho Rivera singing and Eddie Montalvo in Congas. Since then, has written 24 songs.

With the COVID Pandemic locking people up, he decided to experiment as a producer and also part of the band, plus direct the recording, and record his song La fiesta Es Hasta Las 3.

The song was released in oct 2020 and is right now among the top 15 in Puerto Rico, Panama, NYC, Netherlands and London. Also thesong Won the first Salsa Song Contest by AGOZAR, compiting against 70 songs and bands of 17 countries.

In 2021 4 new songs will be produced and released by Fernando and he is Also collaborating in a Rock song as the COMPOSER.

“All my songs are things that hace happen to me in my life and i just want to people know me through them.” –  Fernando Quirós

Connect with Fernando Quirós here!!!

Instagram-  https://www.instagram.com/fernandoquirosmusic/

Youtube-     https://youtu.be/JK0nZtovSiM

Website-  https://fernandoquiros.hearnow.com/la-fiesta-es-hasta-las-3

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