CHÉ WULAAM Releases new song on Youtube

CHÉ WULAAM is a creative director & recording artist who is making hits with his skills and is soon going viral.

He released his new single on Youtube. Make sure you get a piece of it. Listen to 3 WAY FASHION VISUALIZER now!!


CHÉ WULAAM is an Afrobeat artist from Tema Ghana who resides in the United States. Wulaam is a creative media business entrepreneur who co-owns the SCHEUgENG CREATIVE, an advertising media and marketing company that comprises an in-house video production and music recording studio in Bethlehem Pennsylvania. 

Life was not this easy from the start. WULAAM went through a lot. His struggles in Ghana to the USA made him what he is today. His story is truly inspiring. He was determined to become successful and pursued his career with no fear because he had nothing to lose.

CHÉ WULAAM started as a creative director, developing innovative concepts, and shooting music videos and commercials for local artists and businesses in the Lehigh Valley with his brother while in college. After college and active engagement in entertainment in the Lehigh Valley, their investment into creative spaces created an avenue for him to endeavour in music and unravelled an incredible passion for the arts.

During the pandemic of 2020, he developed deeper into making AfroBeats and Dancehall during the lockdown as he would eventually decide to pursue music as a recording artist. He is currently signed to his entity VirgMob Entertainment LLC and is set to create and release more music in 2021. 

Where to find CHÉ WULAAM??

You can find his songs on Youtube and Spotify

You can find him on Instagram. Follow him to get new and latest updates about CHÉ WULAAM’s new releases. You can also get to know him better as a person, and you will surely admire his personality.

Reminder: If you have made it this far, you should listen to his song 3 WAY FASHION VISUALIZER now!!

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