‘Baz O’Connell and The Ghosts’ Takes Over Music with Diverse Genres

From punk, blues, garage rock, grunge and good old rock and roll Baz O’Connell’s music is a sea of inspiration 

Jersey, UK– A singer-songwriter from Jersey UK who works with Mic Nix Productions for Radio/CD ready music, Baz O’Connell puts forth a musical treat in Baz O’Connell and The Ghosts with diverse music on guitar, from punk, blues, garage rock, grunge and good old rock and roll all from his home studio. The song All This Can Be Yours is an ear candy with the dominant guitar leads and meaningfully vocalised lyrics. 

Baz O’Connell and The Ghosts tracklist include in total 28 songs among which many have over thousand plays on Spotify. The song ‘Bank Job’ featuring artist Mike Nikou has over 2.5K listens on Spotify and it is a hard rock song with raspy vocals and comical lyrics. Other songs of Baz that are up and playing all around the world include ‘I Wanna Know’, which has a happy intro and nostalgic lyrics with an even more cheerful chorus. Rat Race, Candy Girl, Lie In It, Blend, Wild Dreams, and Dark Times are some of the other masterpieces that Baz has created. 

Baz O’Connell is inspired the most by Dma’s, Nirvana, The Smashing Pumpkins, The Beatles, Oasis, The Black Keys, Hendrix to name a few to the alternative rock, blues, punk, garage rock type of music that he makes. The rock and grunge genre has always been crossed and mixed a lot by artists and in Baz O’Connel and The Ghosts, the artist has mastered the formula to perfectly blends these. 

Baz has been playing the guitar for 12 years and he got into the singing and songwriting arena almost 8 years ago. With such long years of practice and experimenting with different music styles and perfecting the art of playing an instrument and incorporating those skills into songwriting and singing, Baz O’Connell and The Ghosts will definitely in towards more recognition and having a fandom of their own. 

About Baz O’Connell and The Ghosts

A singer-songwriter from Jersey in the channel islands who writes diverse music on guitar, from punk, blues, garage rock, grunge and good old rock and roll from his home studio

Track URL: https://open.spotify.com/album/1ebzyhZixbvi7xXrjSiUVP?si=MIgS7MDlQbyh9aZJ2EjFYQ

Contact/Social https://m.facebook.com/bazoconnellandtheghosts/https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6QDNMoSOwT3wMnv_cUYGKA


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