Emerging Artist Leonardo Yukawa’s Music Now Streaming Worldwide!

The 18-year-old from Sweden started writing songs in 2018 and now has over 30,000 listens on Spotify for his single ‘Never Let Go’ 

Leonardo Yukawa started singing in his early teens, and with the inspiration from artists around the world, he started writing his own songs in 2018 and soon mastered excellent songwriting abilities. Leonardo is one of the artists who quickly set his footprint in the global music streaming platforms in 2020. 

Along with his latest release ‘Cali’ Leonardo has in total four singles up and playing everywhere:

Never Let Go

Don’t Miss Me 


Drawing inspiration from various artists of different music types like Justin Bieber, Alessia Cara, Ed Sheeran, Maejor and to lot leave out marvellous vintage music, the late Elvis Presley, Leonardo went through his recording processes like any other artist with multiple redos and finally, after the initial ignition, 2020 is the year he is releasing his music to the public. Listeners can look forward to a sound that will be a mix of both modern and retro sounds surrounding RnB (Rythm and Blue), Soul, and Pop.

Leonardo is inspired mostly by himself. Everyday blues of his life with the occasional mood-offs inspires him to write songs and express himself through music. 

“I’m heavily reliant on music myself, if I feel down and I feel like I need an emotional lift, all I do is put on Holy by Justin Bieber and everything feels good for a while. I’d love to be able to do that exact thing to other people. It would help me a lot too. Knowing that what I do affects other people in a positive, inspiring way”                                                                             -Leonardo Yukawa

Leonardo started singing when he was around the age of 8 and put it aside for a while before starting again at the age of 14. Starting singing in his early teens and songwriting at the age of 16, Leonardo is an inspiration to all aspiring music makers who think they need so much more than their bedroom singing sessions to succeed. 

About Leonardo Yukawa

Leonardo is an 18-year-old, emerging singer/songwriter from Sweden who has his singles released on all major global music streaming platforms in 2020.







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