New Single by Canadian Music Artist James hits 20k listeners

Cameroon Plummer, who goes by the stage name James is a Hip Hop artist and an entertainer from Canada, that has become known for his keen lyrics and rhythmic flow that will make one cheerful; at times while he is also bringing out the realities of life beyond the girls, cars and clothes that normally hear from many other artists. The Ottawa, Ontario native who has released his new single “Drip” hit 20k listeners on Spotify. 

This song is energetic, fun-loving, and most of all its original music at its finest. James delivers an artistic masterpiece to the world with this release off his highly anticipated project. 

You will undoubtedly enjoy this new music from James Plummer. He has apparently put in loads of work into this new single to make sure that the world can enjoy it. He would like to send a special thanks to David Loo and Aidanvmusic for making the release of Drip possible. This new music is sure to give you a new found belief in hip hop.

The artist had released more than 10 songs over the year of 2020. Some of these include “Besties”, “Say My Name”, “Close”, “Mind Taken” and “Just Ours”. 

The 20 year old Onotarian artist now has two years of solid self taught music production under his belt and he is  just focused on making music that he enjoys and he is having loads of fun with it. He hopes that this journey of music will take him to the peak of the music industry in the coming years. 

About The Artist

Cameroon Plummer aka James is a Canadian Singer Songwriter from Ontario. He began his musical journey from a very young age of 12 when he was handed his first guitar. Since then, he has put in countless hours to perfect the art of not just the instrument but the theory of music.

He also had a good reputation as a musician during his high school years. He had a successful audition during this time that specialized in music performance and music theory. It was during this period James built his foundation, not just his love for classical music but also the way it works and the way the music is created. 

James took a break from music after he graduated. He was trying new things in an attempt to diversify his plates of talents and become more well rounded. But he realised that music was his ultimate destiny and found himself coming back to it. 

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Instagram: @see.plum 

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