Floridian Band Honey Crush Releases New Single

The four-piece band Honey Crush has debuted a brand new track called “Lemon Fizz“. The track, which has already been released, had been in the works at their studio for some time now. 

It is a highly anticipated release from the band, causing the single track released to offer a peek inside the upcoming releases. The song itself has managed to rack up thousands of streams within the early few days.

About Honey Crush:

Honey Crush is a four-piece band based in the United States.

They are 4 teenagers living in Florida with a burning love and passion for music, whether it is just listening to it or making it. Honey Crush was compelled to make music by the fact that they just could not push away their feelings and ambition for it.

Out of all the members, producer Nick Massi is the only person that had some experience in the music industry, who had sunk his feet into the music scene for a little bit. Now with other members: David, Nico, and Humberto. They all have a big background with music as well. 

Even though Nick Massi used to produce, write, and do most of the instrumentation on the tracks, the other guys have a big part in the way the songs sound. It was after performing on stage as a fan with Vampire Weekend, Clairo, and Wallows, all within a matter of a year it made Massi realize that he really wanted to start taking music a lot more seriously and to gather everyone else for the band, which was back in spring of 2020.

Honey Crush has been active in the music scene for a long time. We asked the band what inspires them to be in the music industry and do what they do. They said that they are encouraged to make music by the sheer thought of making something that belongs entirely to them. Writing music inspires them to write more music. Listening to other artists play their creation, to see the love and the dreams they put behind that one track inspires them to do the same.

Their latest track “Lemon Fizz” has received some great reviews from writers and bloggers around the world.

This track would be a follow-up to the success of their previous releases. The group has caused a significant stir among the music community on the release of the single. 

The track currently has thousands of streams on music streaming platforms like Spotify, where you can listen to “Lemon Fizz” as well.

Where Can You Find Honey Crush?

You can listen to Honey Crush’s latest single on Spotify along with all the previous releases by the group. You can find all the links to their music and social media here.  

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