Vinay Kumar Nevatia Reviewing the Farmer’s Protest

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Farmers play a crucial role in the economic development of the nation.

Parliament passed the Farm Bill on September 27, 2020, amid historic ruckus produced by the country’s educated leaders.

Promoting schadenfreude is evil, but some items do need accountability. So before you come to my decision, let us first understand the 3 Bills.

“This bill allows the farmer to sell his goods to anybody he likes, be it a supermarket, a wholesaler, anywhere other than the APMC (Agricultural Commodity Marketing Committee/Mandi),” said Vinay Kumar Nevatia

Now let us understand the concerns of the farmer, at least what I was able to hear,

Vinay Kumar further explained a few points regarding the farmer’s protest and, he also explains the reasons behind it:

1 MSP – highest in the History: Vinay Kumar Nevatia

No MSP stated – MSP procurement has been the highest in the history of the Modi Government, MSP will continue, the government has repeatedly assured farmers that this act only gives them the freedom to sell their produce.

2. Now another dilemma described by Vinay Kumar Nevatia that the APMC overtime will be done and the firms will take over the APMC will not go to farmers with good deals apart from crops.

3. Farm unions want the government to drop all lawsuits against those fined for stubble burning, and to repeal this ordinance. This is not a good step.

Both the government and farmers have their point of view they are representing it in front of us. We should support both and acknowledge their terminologies.

Vinay Kumar Nevatia gave his conclusion that “This was distributed in Delhi by the Kejriwal Government, the same should also be adopted by other governments.”

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